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Aikibudo PortsmouthWeapon Training
Bokken, Tanto, Jo.

Aikibudo PortsmouthGrow Your Confidence.
Get Fitter.

Aikibudo Portsmouth Good Training
learn to Fall Safely.

Kaizen Aikibudo PortsmouthKaizen Aikibudo
Aiki Training.


Kaizen Aikibudo Train Here at Portsmouth Martial Arts

Kaizen Aikibudo have been training and teaching Aiki, aikibudo, in the Portsmouth area for over 20 years.

Kaizen Aikibudo Dojo Portsmouth


Kaizen Aikibudo Training Portsmouth

We Have been Training in the Portsmouth Area for over 22 years,
we formally used to train as Portsmouth Aikido.
Now for over 8 years we have been under the banner, Kaizen Aikibudo.
we have used a few different locations in Portsmouth to train, 
Training Now at The Portsmouth Martial Arts Center, on Market way Roundabout.

Traditional ways vrs Adapted ways!

Trying out Techniques

How To Enter and set up a Technique!

The use of Traditional Techniques, are to understand the process, and to learn the movement with which we counter or adapt to a situation.
Using Adapted Aikido or Aikibudo Techniques, help you to get to your goal quicker and more efficiently. 

Aikibudo PortsmouthTraining with Advanced Aikibudo.
Intergrated Techniques.

Aikibudo Portsmouth

Reactionary Techniques
To Be able to move as your opponent moves.

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